The road to recovery is paved with melted ice cream

On Thursday evening, we said goodbye to Children’s National Medical Center and came home late to hearty welcomes from Darcy and the Wonder Twins.  The night was peppered with lots wake ups but overall Linden’s first day at home was pretty joyous.

Linden is certainly our glass-half-full kid: he flirted with every female nurse and doctor; he was fascinated by the buttons on his EKG and blood pressure monitors; and, in spite of the frown in the picture above, he even laughed a few times at the hospital.  We think he even liked the mystifying Vecta machine.  His sleep is still erratic and there’s lots of crying at feeding time and at night but he seems much more at ease than during his January recovery period and we are thankful.

All in all, we have progressed, too, since our January surgery experience.  I think we’re definitely in the “plus” category but there have been a few “debits”.  So, let’s see, to recap … Dave gained several grey hairs; I’m down four finger nails.  We both gained at least a few pounds after a friend’s delivery of the most fantastic turkey sandwiches and cookies (thank you, Lisa!) and another mercy delivery of fruit (thank you, MT!).  Darcy lost his cool and had multiple temper tantrums due to overwhelming Big Brother stress but somehow gained a new bike.  My parents are down to one nerve due to aforementioned Darcy explosions but have gained a new appreciation for how easy they had it with me and my brother.  Hah!

But, we’ve all gained a little boy with a brand-new palate, who has already started expressing the nasal stop “n” — oh glorious consonants!

Thank you for all the well wishes, particularly, the community of indignation following our cloistering overnight in the Recovery Ward.  Misery loves company so we really appreciated the shared sense of umbrage.

8 thoughts on “The road to recovery is paved with melted ice cream

  1. I cannot tell you how happy it makes the Windels family to be on “Team Linden” — both of our children know who “Baby Linden” is from evening prayers. We are all glad that you are home, and look forward to more updates! (Of course, we have been on “Team Darcy” for some time, and are glad he is included in the updates as well!) Love,
    Cathy, Paul, Mary Catherine and Paul Jr.

  2. Welcome home! So glad all went well. You all deserve a vacation. N is very important, especially when your name is LiNdeN;)
    Hope to see you soon.

  3. Linden looks great!~.We wish him speedy recovery and are so happy that the sugerywas so successful and is over.
    Love to all.
    Sheila and Peter

  4. “Only” 11 (10 depending on how you count) days to go, and sounds like the first 3 have been somewhat tolerable, yay!!! A special hug to Darcy who sounds like he’s trying his best to deal with the extremes of missing his parents and little bro, being showered with grandparent love, and listening to Linden be uncomfortable.

  5. So glad to hear that the surgery went well. You are all amazing! And Linden is beyond cute. All the best speedy recover wishes to him! XO, Marguerite

  6. We are thinking of you all and hoping things are going well. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers and are so grateful for your wonderful updates! You are all heroes! We send our love!
    Linda and Dennis

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  8. So glad to hear that your little guy is back at home and doing well after his surgery. We too, can relate with the loss of fingernails, gaining of pounds and a few white hairs – as well as some seriously sleep deprived parents!

    Gotta love that “N” sound…soon up “No!” “Never!” “Not Now!” ;)

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